Self- Reflection Questions: As you consider an ideal work plan


  1. What kind of work arrangement would promote the best work life balance for you?
  2. What kind of work arrangement would enhance departmental needs or services?  
  3. Can your job duties be performed equally as well during the hours of the flexible work plan that you are proposing?
  4. Does your job require you to be on campus during the regular work week?

Working Remotely (100% or Hybrid)

  1. Do you have reliable internet service at your house? 
  2. Do you have the ability to set up a quiet and ergonomic office or work environment in your home? 
  3. Can you perform your work responsibilities effectively from home? 
  4. Are you self-motivated or do you need the energy of an office or other co-workers to get you motivated? 
  5. Can you create a homework environment free of interruptions? (Do you have childcare or eldercare arrangements if needed?) 
  6. Can you organize your work independently or do you need the structure of an office environment? 
  7. How will you maintain a sense of connection with your work team if you are remote or hybrid? 
  8. How will you best communicate with your supervisor and team members? 

Compressed Work Week

  1. How will the work be accomplished on the day you are not working? 
  2. Can you complete your tasks in less than 5 days a week (same number of hours per week)? 
  3. Is working longer hours for a shorter period of time worth the extra day off? 

Flex Time

  1. Are the advantages to the department by implementing a shift in your schedule? 
  2. Will flexing your schedule have any impact on co-workers and their ability to complete their job functions?