Can I use AP or other exams or courses taken outside of Ithaca College to fulfill ICC requirements?

The policy approved by the Academic Policies Committee and Faculty Council in January, 2013, reads,

“This policy does not apply to transfer students (as institutionally-defined).

Students may apply credits earned at other institutions or granted on the basis of AP/IB/CLEP scores to fulfillment of the following ICC components: First Year Composition, Quantitative Literacy, Diversity, and Writing Intensive. Such credits may also apply to the 12 Complementary Liberal Arts credits depending on school and department requirements. The degree to which such credits could apply to a specific ICC requirement is dependent on a match between the Ithaca College courses meeting the requirement and the credit granted for courses completed elsewhere and on program-specific requirements for the 12 Complementary Liberal Arts credits.

Students may not apply credits earned at other institutions or granted on the basis of AP/IB/CLEP score or any other standardized examination program from which Ithaca College awards credit toward fulfillment of the Themes and Perspectives or ICC Capstone components of the ICC.”

As of October 2013, scores of 4 or 5 on AP English Language & Composition or English Literature & Composition exams fulfill the WRTG10600 requirement. The ICC quantitative literacy requirement may be fulfilled by scoring 4 or 5 on the AP Economics (Macro) or AP Economics (Micro) exams or by a score of 3, 4, or 5 on the AP Statistics exam. Depending on school or major program requirements, credit granted for AP scores may also be applied to the complementary liberal arts component of the ICC.

AP credit can also be used to fill state requirements for number of liberal arts hours earned and total hours required for graduation, and, in some case, for major requirements as well.