What is an electronic learning portfolio?

An electronic learning portfolio is an online collection of student work that may be used for assessment, demonstrating accomplishments, or learning and reflection.

One of the overarching goals of the ICC and Ithaca College's other IC20/20 initiatives is for you to understand and articulate how your experiences in the classroom and outside of the classroom (e.g., residential experience, student activities, athletics, student employment) have contributed to your learning. Your electronic learning portfolio allows you to collect artifacts (assignments or other tangible products) of your learning and reflections on your learning over the course of your time here so that, when you graduate, you can articulate how your college learning experiences in totality have contributed to your development of specific knowledge, skills, and competencies.

Beyond your required ICC portfolio, your TaskStream account will enable you to create as many different showcase or presentational portfolios as you like, allowing you to customize your portfolio for specific audiences or purposes (e.g., prospective employers, graduate schools). Everything you have uploaded to TaskStream is stored in the Mybrary section of Resources, so you can easily reuse content in different portfolios if you wish.