Is it really true that I won't graduate unless I've completed my ICC DRF? How will I know whether I've met the graduation requirement for the ICC?

Yes, just as you must complete all of your other graduation requirements to earn your degree, you must complete the ICC directed response folio. ICC portfolios will be monitored for progress each semester. As you move through the ICC, you will receive periodic email notifications through your Ithaca College email account if you are not making progress; this gives you the opportunity to catch up on your ICC portfolio if needed before you get close to graduation.

Once you have completed the graduation requirement, you can check your degree evaluation on HomerConnect to verify your completion status. In the degree evaluation labeled "capstone and e-portfolio", you'll see a line for "e-portfolio". Once the red "NO" on the left side of that line has changed to a black "YES", you'll have verification that you've completed the requirement.