What writing requirements must I complete for the ICC?

All students must complete two writing requirements for the ICC: First Year Composition and Writing Intensive.

First Year Composition focuses on developing the broad academic writing skills needed to succeed at the college level. This requirement can be fulfilled by successfully completing WRTG10600, ICSM108xx or ICSM118xx; by scoring a 4 or 5 on the AP English Language & Composition or English Literature & Composition exam; or by transferring credit for a course equivalent to WRTG10600. Students who enter Ithaca College with Advanced Placement or transfer credit for the First Year Composition requirement should NOT enroll in an ICSM108xx or ICSM118xx, as you will earn credit for only one course.

Academic Writing Flowchart

Writing Intensive courses focus on developing writing within the context of a single discipline. This requirement can be met by successfully completing an Ithaca College course designated WI. Approved courses appear on this website and in the Ithaca College Catalog. Students wishing to transfer credit for the WI requirement must send the name/number of the course, institution where taken, and a copy of the syllabus to icc@ithaca.edu for review. Transfer courses taken after enrolling at Ithaca College must be approved before taking the course by completing the Petition for Transfer Credit form available in the Office of the Registrar (2nd Floor, Peggy Ryan Williams).