IWE Contest

A contest was held in Spring 2010 to construct the IWE block. The directions and the pattern remain here for your enjoyment. Try it! 

The contest winner was Sarah Furie, and her entry can be seen on the Intro page to this website.

IWE = I - We - Earth

1. Construct the IWE Block from the pattern by cutting, folding, and assembling.

2. Shine lights on the block from different angles to create simultaneous shadows of the letters I, W, and E. (See GEB for an example.)

3. Capture the block and all three shadows in a single digital photograph.

4. Send the photograph to rowland@ithaca.edu by 5PM February 12.

5. Sign up for ICIC ICIC 10000 Integration!

A drawing of successful entries will take place at 5PM February 12. The winning entry will be given a $100 gift certificate to the IC bookstore.