IICC Courses

The four courses in the Integration, Insight, Creativity, Character or IICC framework are designed to complement and enhance disciplinary study and to directly address important skills: active synthesis, appreciation of multiple perspectives, and contribution to an evolving society.

The courses demonstrate a direct approach to integrative learning by creating a deeper understanding of concepts in the following areas:

ICIC 10000 Integration—Connecting the disciplines. How will we meet the complex challenges of the 21st century? We will need to find ways to combine insights and ideas from many fields of study and to use them creatively. Concepts and tools from systems science and design can help us do this. They are introduced through a series of engaging learning activities. Pass/Fail. 1 credit. No prerequisites. LA.

ICIC 12000 Insight—Combining expertise. How can we combine insights from disciplinary experts to address complex issues? Guest experts from a variety of disciplines will discuss how researchers and practitioners in each of their disciplines would address a common issue. Techniques are introduced to combine their insights and lead to deeper understanding and more powerful solutions. Pass/Fail. 1 credit. No prerequisites. LA.

ICIC 13000 Creativity—Transforming insights into ideas. Where do great ideas come from? Can we become better at generating them? A series of significant challenges are posed, and a rich variety of creativity techniques and principles are introduced to meet them. Creativity skills that will apply in many contexts are developed. Pass/Fail. 1 credit. No prerequisites. LA.

ICIC 14000 Character—Developing habits for good. How can we best serve society? By each and every day making choices that do good for others as well as ourselves. The content and development of character are explored through a series of challenging activities and assignments. Tools for examining and intentionally altering patterns of thought and action to better serve society are introduced. Pass/Fail. 1 credit. No prerequisites. LA. (F,S)

These courses were contributions to Ithaca College's Integrative Curriculum Initiative, (IC)2, and continue as part of IC20/20.