Integration: Connecting the Disciplines is the first of four one-credit IICC courses that will help to make connections across fields of study.

Students from all disciplinary fields are encouraged to sign up and become part of the experience. Students will learn by doing through small and large group activities.

“At a time when the world is more messy, more crowded, more interconnected, more independent, and more rapidly changing than ever before, the more ways of seeing, the better. The systems-thinking lens allows us to reclaim our intuition about whole systems and hone our abilities to understand parts, see interconnections, ask ‘what-if’ questions about possible future behaviors, and be creative and courageous about systems redesign.”  Donella Meadows

The challenges of the 21st century do not present themselves to us as isolated events or problems that are resolvable through the single disciplines associated with college majors and minors. Rather they require that we connect those disciplines in creative ways.

"... systems thinking is based on the fundamental shift of perception from the world as a machine to the world as a living system."  Fritjof Capra

The skill sets associated with systems thinking and designing are highly prized, and they can make the difference in everything from a job application to future organizational leadership.

“We will either design our way through the deadly challenges of this century, or we won't make it.”  Richard Farson


Course description:

ICIC 10000  Integration: Connecting the Disciplines

How will we meet the complex challenges of the 21st century? We will need to find ways to combine insights and ideas from many fields of study and to use them creatively. Concepts and tools from systems science and design can help us do this. They are introduced through a series of engaging learning activities. Pass/Fail. 1 credit. No prerequisites. LA.


Fall 2017 - all sections are Friday evening 6-9PM, Saturday 10AM-4PM, and Sunday 1-5PM

Section 1

September 8-10

Instructors: Jake Brenner and Amy Frith

CRN 23088


Section 2

September 22-24

Instructors: Nancy Jacobson and Jacqueline Winslow

CRN 23089


Section 3

October 27-29

Instructors: Howard Kalman and Dara Engler

CRN 23090


Section 4

December 1-3

Instructors: Julia Lapp and Rebecca Plante

CRN 23811


Spring 2017

Section 1: February 3, 6-9PM, February 4, 10AM-4PM, February 5, 1-5PM; Instructors: Jake Brenner and Julia Lapp  CRN 42690

Section 2: February 10, 6-9PM, February 11, 10AM-4PM, February 12, 1-5PM; Instructors: Michael Smith and Paula Turkon  CRN 42691

Section 3: February 24, 6-9PM, February 25, 10AM-4PM, February 26, 1-5PM; Instructors: Jason Hamilton and Howard Kalman  CRN 43459


Fall 2016

Section 1: Sept. 9, 6-9PM, Sept. 10, 10AM-4PM, Sept. 11, 1-5PM; Instructors Jake Brenner and Nancy Jacobson  CRN 24011

Section 2: Sept. 23, 6-9PM, Sept. 24, 10AM-4PM, Sept. 25, 1-5PM; Instructors Jason Hamilton and Mary Ann Erickson  CRN 24012

Section 3: Nov. 4, 6-9PM, Nov. 5, 10AM-4PM, Nov. 6, 1-5PM; Instructors Julia Lapp and David Brown  CRN 24013


Spring 2016

Section 1: Jan. 29, 6-9PM, Jan. 30, 10AM-4PM, Jan. 31, 1-5PM; Instructors Jason Hamilton and Michael Smith  CRN 43384

Section 2: Feb. 5, 6-9PM, Feb. 6, 10AM-4PM, Feb. 7, 1-5PM; Instructors Jake Brenner and Jason Hamilton  CRN 43385


Fall 2015

Section 1: Sept. 18, 6-9PM, Sept. 19, 10AM-4PM, Sept. 20, 1-5PM; Instructors Jason Hamilton and Nancy Jacobson

Section 2: Oct. 2, 6-9PM, Oct. 3, 10AM-4PM, Oct. 4, 1-5PM; Instructors Ali Erkan and Jake Brenner


Spring 2015

Section 1: Feb. 6, 6-9PM, Feb. 7, 10AM-4PM, Feb. 8, 1-5PM; Instructors: Jake Brenner & Ali Erkan; Business 204

Section 2: March 20, 6-9PM, March 21, 10AM-4PM, March 22, 1-5PM; Instructors: Jason Hamilton & Luke Keller; Williams 222


Fall 2014

Section 1: Sept. 12, 6-9PM, Sept. 13, 10AM-4PM, Sept. 14, 1-5PM; Instructors: Jason Hamilton & Jake Brenner; Business 204

Section 2: Oct. 24, 6-9PM, Oct. 25, 10AM-4PM, Oct. 26, 1-5PM; Instructors: Elizabeth Simkin & Nancy Jacobson; Business 204


Spring 2014

Section 1: Jan. 31, 6-9PM, Feb. 1, 10AM-4PM, Feb. 2, 1-5PM; Instructors: Hormoz Movassaghi & Jason Hamilton CRN: 41773  Business 204

Section 2: March 21, 6-9PM, March 22, 10AM-4PM, March 23, 1-5PM; Instructors: Katherine Beissner & Elizabeth Sinkin CRN: 41774 Park 277


Fall 2013

Section 1: Sept. 20, 6 - 9PM, Sept. 21, 10AM - 4PM, Sept. 22, 1 - 5PM; Instructors: Jason Hamilton & Julia Lapp; CRN: 23357


Spring 2013

Section 1 Instructors: Nancy Jacobson & Hormoz Movassaghi

Section 2 Instructors: Katherine Beissner & Julia Lapp


Fall 2012

Section 1 Instructors: Nancy Jacobson & Julia Lapp

Section 2 Instructors: Katherine Beissner & Julia Lapp


Spring 2012


Section 1 Instructors: Nancy Jacobson & Barbara Adams


Section 2 Instructors: Jason Hamilton & Sean Eversley Bradwell


Section 3 Instructors: Katherine Beissner & Elizabeth Simkin 



Fall 2011

Section 1 Instructors: Jason Hamilton, Paula Turkon


Section 2 Instructors: Elizabeth Simkin, Katherine Beissner


Section 3 Instructors: Barbara Adams, Nancy Jacobson


Spring 2011

Section 1 Instructors: Jason Hamilton, Elizabeth Simkin

Section 2 Instructors: Nancy Jacobson, Paula Turkon

Section 3 Instructors: Elizabeth Simkin, Nancy Jacobson


Fall 2010

 Section 1 Instructors: Jason Hamilton, Elizabeth Simkin



Section 2 Instructors: Barbara Adams, Nancy Jacobson



Section 3 Instructors: Nancy Jacobson, Barbara Adams