ICC & Fall Registration Questions

By Susan Adams Delaney, March 29, 2022
How do changes to the ICC impact current students?

Preparing to register for Fall 2022 and wondering how recent changes to the ICC impact your planning? Over the past two years, we’ve made it easier to complete several of your requirements:

  • Capstone & eportfolio: The ICC capstone will continue to be an important culminating experience. However, you only need to complete two (2) sections of the eportfolio in Taskstream: the CLA and the Capstone.
  • Theme & Perspective: It’s easier than ever to request a waiver to allow a course outside your Theme to count for a Perspective! Just complete the brief form in IC Workflow titled ICC Exception Request. You can submit this request before you take the class or after.
  • Retroactive designations: You can also use that form if a course you’ve taken has subsequently been given an ICC designation. Select “retroactive designation” and upload the syllabus from when you took the course. If the course is sufficiently similar to the more recent ICC version, we can submit a Course Waiver Substitution to allow it to count.

Other questions or concerns? Check the ICC website for information and be sure to click on Ask ICC! for office hours and contact information. You can also submit questions using this simple form.

For general registration questions, check out this Intercom post from your friendly Registrar's office!