Faculty FAQs

What's the purpose of the ICC?

The Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC) is the set of liberal arts requirements that comprise the common academic experience for all Ithaca College students. The program is designed to help students develop skills in integrative thinking, critical and analytical problem solving, and reflective learning. All three of these skills have been identified by both employers and professional societies as essential for success in 21st century personal and professional life.

What does CCR stand for?

CCR stands for the Committee on College-wide Requirements, which is the curricular body responsible for administering the ICC.

How do I access my Taskstream account to create electronic learning portfolios?

You will be able to access your account by logging in through the link on apps.ithaca.edu

I’m teaching a capstone, but I don’t have access to Taskstream. What should I do?

Feel free to email icc@ithaca.edu or sadamsdelaney@ithaca.edu for assistance. If for some reason a
Taskstream account was never created for you, you can go to “Taskstream Account Request” under Services within the IT Service Portal.

Do All students still have to complete the ICC ePortfolio?

Yes. Beginning with students entering in Fall 2013, all undergraduates—whether they begin at IC right
out of high school or transfer here later—must complete the ICC ePortfolio.
NOTE: Due to the pandemic, the procedures (but not the policy) for completion have been simplified for students currently completing their degree requirements. Students graduating in 2022 will only need to complete the CLA and Capstone sections of the ePortfolio.

What's a DRF?

DRF stands for Directed Response Folio. For the ICC, you'll be completing a DRF, which allows you to assemble work from your ICC courses and submit it for evaluation. Via your DRF, you can also request feedback on your work from reviewers, publish your work to the web, or email it to others. The ICC DRF includes information about the student learning outcomes and artifacts that you need to submit to demonstrate your achievement of the ICC outcomes.

How do I submit a new Proposal for ICC designation?

The ICC Designation Proposal process has moved from a paper to an electronic submission process. The first step to request an ICC designation is to complete this form. Upon submission, email instructions will provide the next steps necessary. Instructions and other resources can be found here

When do the changes to the ICC go into effect?

The newly approved changes apply to students entering Ithaca College under the Fall 2022 catalog.

How do students request an exception to a perspective outside of their theme?

Students who want to use a perspective course from outside their designated theme can submit the ICC Exception Request form found on IC Workflow.