ICC Electronic Learning Portfolio FAQs

What is an electronic learning portfolio?

An electronic learning portfolio (eportfolio) is an online collection of student work that may be used for assessment, demonstrating accomplishments, or learning and reflection. The eportfolio was introduced as part of the ICC in part to help students understand and articulate how experiences in the classroom and outside of the classroom. 

The changes to the ICC approved by the faculty in 2021 include the elimination of the eportfolio as a graduation requirement for students entering in Fall 2022. Current students are already benefiting from the phase-out of the eportfolio; they need only complete two (2) sections of the eportfolio in Taskstream: the CLA and the Capstone. (Students who entered before Fall 2019 will still see the other areas in the DRF, but should ignore them and focus on the CLA and Capstone.)

How do I access my Taskstream account to create electronic learning portfolios?

You will be able to access your account through the Taskstream tile on apps.ithaca.edu on the Ithaca College website. If you have difficulty accessing your account, contact the ICC for assistance

I'm a transfer student and met some of my ICC requirements before I got to IC. How do I complete my ICC electronic learning portfolio?

As a transfer student, you still need to complete the CLA and Capstone portions of the eportfolio. If courses you took before coming to Ithaca College are included in your CLA, you can select an artifact from one of those courses or you can create a narrative reflecting on how specific courses or other college experiences helped you achieve the student learning outcomes associated with Complementary Liberal Arts. You can upload your narrative in any of the TaskStream supported formats, including text and image, file attachment, video, or multimedia.

Why do I need to complete an ICC electronic learning portfolio if I'm a transfer student?

The ICC learning portfolio is designed so that graduating students can articulate the knowledge, competencies, and skills they have gained from their entire college experience. As a transfer student, some of that college experience comes from your time at Ithaca College and some of it comes from the college experiences you had before you enrolled at Ithaca College. All of your educational experiences combine to make you the learner and person you are today. Reminder: Effective Fall 2021, graduating seniors need only complete the CLA and Capstone portions of the eportfolio. 

What's a DRF?

DRF stands for Directed Response Folio. For the ICC, you'll be completing a DRF, which allows you to assemble work from your ICC courses and submit it for evaluation. Via your DRF, you can also request feedback on your work from reviewers such as your capstone instructor. The ICC DRF includes information about the student learning outcomes and artifacts that you need to submit to demonstrate your achievement of the ICC outcomes.

What's an artifact? What kinds of artifacts can I put in my ICC portfolio?

An artifact is a tangible indicator of student learning. Examples of artifacts include: copies of papers or other written documents, videos of presentations or debates, visual images of creative projects, links to websites, or other evidence of student learning that can be captured and evaluated for how well it shows achievement of student learning outcomes.

What do I need to do to complete my electronic learning portfolio graduation requirement for the ICC?

Fall 2021 Update: While most sections of the ICC eportfolio are no longer required, students still complete the CLA and Capstone portions, so that, upon graduation, they can articulate how their college learning experiences in totality have contributed to their development of specific knowledge, skills, and competencies.

Is it really true that I won't graduate unless I've completed my ICC DRF? How will I know whether I've met the graduation requirement for the ICC?

Yes, just as you must complete all of your other graduation requirements to earn your degree, you must complete the ICC eportfolio. NOTE: Seniors graduating in Fall 2021 and onward only need to complete the CLA and Capstone portions of the eportfolio. 

When you have completed these portions, consult your capstone instructor about next steps for requesting a final evaluation of your eportfolio. (Some faculty review these independently; others require students to email icceportfolio@ithaca.edu.)

Once your eportfolio has been approved in Taskstream, the Registrar will then update Degreeworks so that the eportfolio requirement will have a green checkmark, indicating that this step is complete.

Where do I get more information about how to use TaskStream?

Feel free to contact ICC with questions! In addition, once you are logged into your Taskstream account, you can access online help resources or you can call Taskstream's help number to talk directly with someone who can provide assistance.

Will I get a grade for assignments I submit to the ICC DRF?

Your work will be graded within the context of your course by your course instructor. Submissions to the ICC DRF are used for program assessment, not assessment of individual students, so you will not receive a separate grade on your ICC DRF submissions. You are, however, required to complete the ICC DRF as a graduation requirement.

Do I have to share my ICC electronic learning portfolio with others?

Artifacts submitted to your ICC DRF (or any other DRFs you might have) are shared with faculty evaluators and the Director of the ICC so that samples of work can be evaluated to assess the effectiveness of the ICC. Other programs requiring electronic portfolios may require you to share those portfolios with specific audiences.

It is your choice whether to share other types of portfolios you make within the TaskStream system with other users or external audiences. A publish/share tab at the top right side of your TaskStream folio screen allows you to view and select sharing options.

If I have a single artifact that addresses student learning outcomes for two requirements?

Yes, if you have an artifact that addresses student learning outcomes for multiple ICC requirements, you may submit it in multiple places within the ICC DRF.

I don't really have a single assignment that addresses all of the student learning outcomes for one of my ICC requirements. Can I upload multiple artifacts for the same requirement?

Yes, you can upload multiple artifacts for the same ICC requirement if you wish. If you click "submit" for a component of your ICC DRF and wish to add another artifact later, you'll need to "unsubmit" and then resubmit your new set of artifacts.

Should I upload graded/marked copies of my assignments to my ICC DRF?

Electronic artifacts should be clean (e.g., unmarked with comments or grades) copies.