Meet Alyssa Taylor '20

What factors contribute(d) to your success?

Ithaca gave me a lot of opportunities that set me apart from other candidates. Also being able to have close relationships with faculty helped to get my job search going.

Who at IC supported you on your journey?

A lot of people at IC supported me on my journey, specifically my friends that I made, my supervisors at Phonathon, Prof. Edwards in HSHP, and Julie Boles, who was my internship coordinator and helped me with my resume and gave me a lot of great tips.

What advice would you offer to students?

Advice that I would offer to students is to keep your connections after you graduate, do not hesitate to reach out to faculty that you cross paths with along the way. Also when applying to jobs, apply for everything even if you think you are not qualified, the worst thing that can happen is you get a rejection, but you might be more qualified than you give yourself credit for.