Advice From Grey

What factors contribute(d) to your success?

Asking lots of questions and having a great support system. It's also important to recognize that you are your own advocate, and no one is going work harder for your success than you.

Who at IC supported you on your journey? 

I was fortunate to work several jobs of campus that really prioritized building professional connections and experience. My boss at Career Services helped me find the right career path and helped me build the resources to pursue it. Additionally, several professors got me started on networking, building connections in my industry, and connecting me with job opportunities and ways to build experience.

What advice would you offer to students?

There's no right way to "do" college. Some students are really involved, while others aren't and focus heavily on their schoolwork. I recommend getting involved in at least one club that you really enjoy on campus; it doesn't have to be a club that will look good on your resume, but something that you can talk about passionately when interviewing. Additionally, research your field. There are so avenues available in your field that are often not as apparent or well-known and might be the perfect fit for you.