Advice From Devon

What factors contribute(d) to your success?

The experiences I had outside of the classroom helped me grow as a journalist, and make connections with others in the industry. I joined a number of student media groups, including ICTV and SPJ, that helped me hone my skills and learn from other student leaders. Being part of these groups also led to meaningful mentorships that helped expand my network and improve my leadership skills.

Who at IC supported you on your journey? 

I took inspiration from my peers, whose own leadership motivated me. I also fostered relationships with faculty and staff, both within the Park School of Communications and other departments on campus, including Career Services. These connections helped me find open positions, like landing my first job as a Producer at Spectrum News.

What advice would you offer to students?

Take advantage of all the resources offered at IC, and jump at any opportunity that can help grow your skill set. I’ve also found merit in vocalizing your goals, so those around you can support your aspirations.