Job Groups and Levels

All staff positions are evaluated internally and placed into a job group and a level, based impact of the role, scope of responsibilities, knowledge, skills, and competencies, and education and experience to meet the needs of the department. The job groups and levels allow for focus on the general requirements of the job and not the specific characteristics or background of the individual holding the job. This structure provides for grouping of similar positions, consistent definition of core job responsibilities across the College and a foundation for detailed career paths.  There are four job groups (as defined below) with various levels defined for each job group.  

Job Group and Level Definitions:

Management Professional - Management professional positions provide leadership, oversight, and administration of a program, department, or major functional area of the College and include developing goals and policies, setting strategies, overseeing and evaluating services and operations, and coordinating efforts of employees to accomplish the objectives through the application and management of available resources such as financial, technological, and human resources.

Specialized Professional - Specialized professional positions generally require specialized and theoretical knowledge acquired through college graduation or through work experience and other training providing comparable knowledge in a field related to their work. Positions in this job group require the application of these specialized skills and knowledge to contribute to the day-to-day work activities of the department as an independent contributor/team member or as a leader of others, and may assist management in the development and implementation of goals and policies.

Support Professional Support professional positions provide various levels of administrative, business, clerical, operational and technical support to a department, major functional area, or management level position. Positions in this group may perform some of the duties of a professional, service, or management position in a supportive role, which usually requires less formal training and experience to assist in the attainment of departmental objectives.

Service Professional - Service professional positions perform a variety of activities in the delivery of professional, high quality services to individuals, groups, and the College community. Services may include supporting and enhancing the quality of student life; ensuring the security and safety of students, the campus and its facilities; and the design, construction, operations and maintenance of College facilities, grounds, equipment, and infrastructure.  These positions may require formal, vocational or specialized training and knowledge.