Transfer to a Job in the Same Pay Band

Not all career advancement opportunities are promotions. An employee can advance by taking a different job in the same pay band to become broadly skilled, enhance ability to contribute to the College, and increase potential for promotion to a job in a higher pay band. A transfer to a position with similar responsibilities and scope would not result in a salary adjustment. A transfer to a different position within the same pay band that requires assuming significant new or more complex responsibilities and broadens the scope and impact of the job may however warrant a salary adjustment. Based on the following criteria, the hiring supervisor will consult with Human Resources to determine the appropriateness of and any salary adjustment.

Criteria Assessment of Employee
Degree of increase in job responsibilities, scope, and impact __________________________________________________________________
Moderate                                                                          Significant
Job knowledge, skills, and competencies & experience related to work of new job __________________________________________________________________
Effective                                                                         Exceptional
Current salary relative to new peers (with similar knowledge, skills, and competencies & experience) __________________________________________________________________
High                                                                                              Low
          Modest                        Moderate                    Significant
     (e.g. up to 3%)                 (e.g. 3-5%)                  (e.g. 5-10%)