Reclassification of a Job

If a job changes significantly, a review for reclassification should be conducted. A reclassification request is not permitted more than once per year.  The following steps should be undertaken:

  1. The department supervisor should update/revise the job description to reflect the new responsibilities and any related skill requirements.
  2. Human Resources will review the job description and determine the pay band assignment based on the competitive market salary for the job and a relative comparison of jobs currently in the pay band structure using the job group and leveling framework (see Appendix B for the definitions of job groups and the levels).
  3. Once the job has been assigned to a pay band, Human Resources will determine whether a salary adjustment should be recommended and, if so, what should be its magnitude
    • The incumbent’s skills, knowledge, experience, and performance will be reviewed along with the relative change in job duties and responsibilities.
    • The salaries for incumbents in similar or related jobs will be reviewed to check for internal equity prior to making a salary adjustment. (see section on Transfer to a Job in the Same Pay Band and Promotion to a Job in a Higher Salary