Compensation for Part-Time Staff

Pay for part-time staff is managed under the same guidelines as pay for regular full-time employees, with the salary pro-rated to reflect the reduced work schedule.

Exempt Positions

The pay for an employee in an exempt job who works part-time will be determined by pro-rating the salary he/she would have received as a full-time employee working in the same job. The job will be assigned to a pay band based on market analysis or internal benchmarking. The employee’s salary will be determined by his/her skills, knowledge, experience, and performance. Once the full-time salary level is determined, it will be pro-rated to reflect the agreed-to hours, as shown in the illustration below:

Assumptions Calculation of Annual Part-Time Salary
Annual Full-Time Base Salary               $50,000 Annual Full-Time Salary                          $50,000
Full-Time Work Week                             5 Days Multiplied by Part-Time Percentage          x 60%
Scheduled Days per week                     3 Days Actual Annual Salary                               $30,000
Part-Time Percentage (3/5)                  60%  

If a part-time employee in an exempt job works beyond the scheduled time, he/she is not eligible for overtime pay. If the employee consistently works beyond the scheduled hours, his/her supervisor should determine the reasons and determine an appropriate solution. Some reasons could include increased workload or lack of resources. If the work schedule upon which the pro-rated salary was originally based consistently proves not to meet the needs of the department, the schedule should be renegotiated and the pay re-calculated accordingly.

If the part-time salary paid falls below the Fair Labor Standards Act salary basis test, the incumbent will be paid on an hourly basis and the position will be changed to non-exempt.

Non-exempt Positions

An employee in a non-exempt position who works part-time will be paid the regular hourly wage that is appropriate for the position and consistent with his/her skills, knowledge, experience, and performance. This rate will be multiplied by the number of hours actually worked. Staff members in non-exempt jobs will be eligible for overtime in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (i.e., overtime is payable for hours worked in excess of 40 per week).