3.0 Introduction

The purpose of this Volume III is to set forth employment and benefits policies that pertain to all employees (staff, administration, and faculty) as indicated herein. Human resource and other policies that pertain to the College community (students, staff, administrators, and faculty) are located in Volume II. Human resource policies pertaining only to faculty are found in Volume IV and those applicable to only staff and administrators including coaches and librarians are found in Volume V.

This volume of the Ithaca College Policy Manual is designed to be a working guide for supervisors in the day-to-day administration of the College's employment and benefits policies and procedures.

This volume of the Ithaca College Policy Manual (hereinafter ICPM) is not to be interpreted as a contract of employment. The College reserves the right to modify any policy, benefit, or procedure as the need arises. Where a conflict exists between federal, state, and local law or insurance contracts, the terms of those laws or insurance contracts apply.

It is impossible to write specific policies and procedures to cover every situation and set of circumstances. Even if it could be done, such a rulebook would not serve the best interests of supervisors and employees. These policies are written to promote equity, consistency, and understanding, as well as to allow supervisory discretion when appropriate.

The Office of Human Resources, in conformity with policies recommended by the vice president for human resources and adopted by the College, shall interpret and administer policies and procedures in this volume of the ICPM, as necessary.

Updated: January 1, 2013