Eligible employees, their spouses, qualified domestic partners, and dependent children may have tuition waived for courses taken at Ithaca College. In addition, dependent children may receive a cash award to apply towards tuition for courses taken at other institutions. These benefits are available for the natural, legally adopted, or legally dependent children, under the age of 25, of eligible employees. Some of the provisions of the tuition remission and cash award benefits are outlined below. However, since certain requirements must be met to qualify for these benefits and certain restrictions may apply, employees should review carefully the Plan Announcement for Ithaca College Educational Benefits booklet available from the Office of Human Resources. Tuition Remission

The College offers eligible employees the opportunity to take courses that promote self-improvement, relate to the work the employee is performing, or qualify the employee for a higher job classification. Tuition is waived for courses taken, and other fees and costs are paid by the employee. Certain requirements must be met, including minimum length of service at the College, and some restrictions apply; these are outlined in information available from the Office of Human Resources.

When an eligible employee has completed three years of benefits-eligible service, the employee’s spouse, qualified domestic partner, and eligible dependent children may also receive a waiver of tuition for courses taken at the College towards their first undergraduate degree. Dependents must be admitted through the College’s usual admission process. Contact should be made with the Office of Admission for the pertinent details regarding the admission process. Working less than 100% full time will affect the benefit service year calculation.

Tuition will be waived for courses taken, subject to the limitations of the plan; all other fees and costs will be paid by the employee. Cash Award

The College’s Cash Award Plan is available for children of eligible employees. This program provides tuition assistance of up to $500.00 per semester (maximum benefit of $4,000.00) toward tuition for study at another accredited institution leading to the first undergraduate degree. There is a three-year, benefits-eligible service requirement for this benefit as well. Working less than 100% full time will affect the benefit service year calculation.

Last Updated: January 1, 2013