The holiday schedule is revised and reissued annually. The list of usual holidays is as follows:

  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving (2 days)
  • Winter Holiday Break (5 - 7 days)
  • Spring Holiday
  • Memorial Day

Holiday schedules for the current fiscal year can be found on the Office of Human Resources web site.

A few departments such as Public Safety or Facilities are required to continue some services on holidays, and have standing approval to request that some employees work. Any other needs for staff coverage on a holiday should be referred through the Office of Human Resources.

Holidays, including religious holidays, that are not included on the College schedule may be taken as personal or vacation leave, or may be taken without pay with supervisory approval. All reasonable requests to observe a religious holiday should be granted, and if a supervisor feels there is sufficient justification to deny such a request, the supervisor should discuss the matter with the associate vice president for human resources. How to Determine Holiday Entitlement and Holiday Pay (for Staff/Administrators Only)

Employees who are eligible for benefits are paid for designated holidays, provided the employee works the scheduled hours or is on approved vacation or personal leave on the days preceding and following the holiday. If an employee is ill on the day preceding or following a holiday, the employee may, at the discretion of the supervisor, be asked to provide written proof from the employee’s physician in order to be paid for the time. 

Benefit eligible employees who work only during the academic year may be entitled to receive holiday pay for holidays which fall between August 15 and May 15, even though they may not be scheduled to work on the days before or after the holiday.

If a benefits-eligible employee has a Monday through Friday schedule and works the same number of hours each day, the holiday entitlement is simply the regular hours the employee is scheduled to work. In situations where an employee works less than a five-day workweek or does not work the same number of hours each day, the hours for each holiday are determined by dividing the total hours per week by 5.


An employee works six hours a day, Monday through Friday and is entitled to benefits. The total of 30 is divided by 5, and a 6-hour holiday is paid.


If an employee normally works 9.5 hours on Tuesday through Thursday and no hours on Monday or Friday, to determine the hours to be paid for a Monday holiday, the total of 28.5 hours would be divided by 5. The employee would be paid 5.7 hours for the holiday unless by mutual agreement the employee takes off equivalent time in lieu of pay.

If a holiday falls during an employee’s scheduled vacation, the hours should not be debited against the vacation paid time away balance. A holiday rate of time-and-one-half, in addition to the normal pay for the holiday, is paid to non-exempt employees who work on a holiday.

It is sometimes necessary to have certain employees work during designated holidays. For information regarding rates of pay for employees who work on a College holiday.

Last Updated: January 1, 2013