3.7 Standards of Conduct

3.7.1 Attendance and Punctuality

If an employee is unable to report to work or is going to be late, the employee must inform the supervisor within the first hour of the scheduled work period. Faculty who are unable to meet a scheduled class must contact the department chair.

Tardiness and absenteeism affect the smooth functioning of the department and reduce the employee’s value to the College. Lateness or absenteeism will be a factor in appraising performance. Unauthorized or excessive absenteeism or tardiness may lead to appropriate disciplinary action, including dismissal. Supervisors who know or suspect that an employee’s poor attendance is due to a medical condition should contact the Office of Human Resources prior to taking action.

In the event a staff member is absent for three consecutive workdays without notifying the supervisor, the supervisor should contact the Office of Human Resources. In this situation, the employee will be terminated unless the employee is able to show that extenuating circumstances made notification impossible. A letter will be sent to the employee to confirm the termination. 

3.7.2 Standard of Appearance

Employees should be neatly and appropriately groomed and attired. The supervisor should ask each employee to use the employee’s own good judgment to ensure that dress and personal grooming are neither extreme nor inappropriate. Supervisors should remind employees that they represent the College to our many visitors as well as to co-workers and students. If appropriate standards are not met, it is the supervisor/department chair’s responsibility to discuss this with the employee. If a position requires a special uniform, it is the responsibility of the supervisor to provide details to each employee who is required to wear a uniform; new or revised requirements must be approved by the appropriate vice-president and must be on record with the Office of Human Resources. 

3.7.3 Use and Disposal of College Property

College property, including College vehicles, is not available for personal use. Unauthorized use of College facilities, property or supplies for personal reasons either during or after working hours is considered a misuse of College property.

January 1, 2013