3.5 The New Hire Procedure

3.5.1 The Offer Letter and Appointment Form

The department chair, hiring supervisor, or human resources staff member make the employment offer and confirm the details in writing including the hire date, salary, probationary period, duration of the position (if temporary), and whether the position is benefits eligible. A template offer letter is available on the Human Resources website.

One copy of the acceptance letter is placed in the employee’s official personnel file, and one is retained by the new employee.

If there are special conditions that should be included in the offer letter, the hiring supervisor should work out those details with Human Resources.

The hiring supervisor must ensure that an appointment is made for the new hire orientation session prior to the first day of work. The offer letter should include a reminder of this appointment.

3.5.2 New Hire Session with Human Resources

On or before the first day of work, new employees must attend a new hire orientation session with staff from the Office of Human Resources to complete required documentation. New Hire Sessions take place every other Monday at 0:00 am in the Office of Human Resources. The employee will be given instructions for obtaining an employee photo identification card.

This requirement is a result of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 and the Immigration Act of 1990. A list of acceptable documents for verification of identity and employment eligibility can be obtained by contacting Human Resources by visiting the HR website.

Updated November 10, 2017