Personal leave is front loaded as of the date of eligibility and at the beginning of each fiscal year thereafter for benefit eligible employees. It is intended that any personal balance will not be used prior to completion of the probationary period. Annual Personal Leave Allowance

All employees are entitled to three times the number of hours in the employee’s average workday. Therefore, an employee who works 37.5 hours per week (7.5 hours X 5 days) and works 12 months of the year is entitled to 22.5 hours of personal leave each fiscal year.

Employees in benefits group I have no specified amount of personal leave. However, under normal circumstances, an employee in group I will not exceed the three-day entitlement for employees in group II. Due to the level of responsibility and the accompanying demands on employees in group I, these individuals are often working even though they are away on medical or personal leave. Therefore, the president and executive officers may authorize time beyond the standard entitlement. If the circumstances warrant special consideration, the College (not the employee) determines how to specify the "unspecified" amount.

Employees who gain benefits eligibility on any date other than the start of the fiscal year will have the annual personal leave allowance pro-rated based on the date of benefit eligibility as follows:

Date of Benefit Eligibility and Pro-ration Amount

July 1 – October 31:  Full Annual Allowance

November 1 – February 28:  2/3 Annual Allowance

March 1 – June 30:  1/3 Annual Allowance Calculating Non-standard Annual Personal Leave Allowance

For an employee who works less than 12 months, the amount of personal leave granted will be calculated according to the following formula.

Prorated part time annual amount = (Full time annual amount) X (Scheduled annual work hours/Full time scheduled annual work hours)
Example: (22.5 hours) X (1000 hours/1957.5 hours) = 11.5 hours. Recording Personal Leave Usage

Personal leave usage should be recorded on a per payroll basis. Employees may not receive pay instead of taking personal leave.

Personal leave does not accumulate; therefore, any hours that are unused from one fiscal year to the next are forfeited. Scheduling Personal Leave

Personal leave may be used for personal convenience, religious observance, weather conditions, care of family members who are ill, etc. Unless it is an emergency, arrangements to take personal leave must be approved in advance by the immediate supervisor. Except in special circumstances, personal leave should not be authorized during the first three months of employment. Personal Leave Payment at Termination

No personal leave accumulation will be paid at termination.

Last Updated: April 18, 2023