3.4 The Offer of Employment

For faculty, administration, and staff positions, the offer of employment may not be made unless all of the employment procedures listed above have been followed, and the appropriate hiring proposal has been submitted and approved. The salary offer for administration and staff positions is agreed upon with the Office of Human Resources and the hiring supervisor. The salary offer for faculty positions must be approved by the dean and provost/vice president for educational affairs. If agreement cannot be reached, the matter should be referred through the appropriate administrative channels to the Vice President for Human Resources.

If the employee is hired on a grant, is a foreign national, or if any other special conditions of employment exist (including positions that are temporary), all details should be agreed upon between the hiring supervisor and the Office of Human Resources well in advance so the appropriate information is conveyed to the candidate at the time of the offer.

Usually, a verbal offer is made, followed by written confirmation to the candidate.

The hiring supervisor or department chair makes the employment offer and must confirm the details in writing including the hire date, salary, probationary period, duration of the position (if temporary), and whether the position is benefits eligible. The hiring supervisor must ensure that an appointment is made for the new hire orientation session and complete the Manager Self-Service transaction in human resources information system. The offer letter should include a reminder of this appointment.

3.4.1 Offers to Employees Hired on a Grant

The Office of Financial Services must be consulted before specifying the dollars that will be needed for funds for employment in a grant request.

3.4.2 Offers to Foreign Nationals

Appointment forms and employment agreements to a foreign national must be reviewed by the Office of Human Resources before they are issued. The employment agreements or offer letter should include the statement:  

“This employment agreement or offer letter is contingent upon your receiving and maintaining appropriate work authorization for the entire period encompassed by the appointment dates. It is your responsibility to obtain and maintain this authorization.”  

The Office of Human Resources must review work permits and visas to determine the employment eligibility of a foreign national prior to that individual engaging in any work at the College. 

Updated: November 10, 2017