3.1 Recruitment and Hiring Process

Diversity conscious search and selection procedures are the first essential component of a multifaceted series of programs and initiatives to attract, develop, and retain diverse faculty, administrators, and staff. Hiring supervisors, department chairs, and search committees must understand and adhere to the “Ithaca College Inclusive Search and Selection Procedures.” A copy of the procedures can be found online on the Human Resources’ website.

3.1.1 Recruitment Request

To begin the search process, an online Recruitment Request must be submitted by the department through the ICHR Recruiting Cloud for approval. If the position is new, or if there is to be a significant change in job duties and responsibilities, the supervisor should contact their Human Resources Business Partner prior to completing the online request.

The required education and experience must be specified on the Recruitment Request. The job requirements must be reasonable and must not be in themselves discriminatory. They should be stated in a way that will attract the largest possible pool of qualified candidates. For example, if equivalent experience can replace a degree, this should be stated.

When all appropriate approvals have been obtained, the position will be posted on the Ithaca College employment website, ithaca.edu/jobs.

3.1.2 Posting of Job Vacancies

Posting is required for all full-time, part-time, and temporary job vacancies, except where otherwise noted. All vacancies must be posted on the College’s official posting record, ithaca.edu/jobs. Vacancies are also posted regularly to human resource approved employment job sites. 

3.1.3 Waiver to Post

Under certain circumstances, a request to fill a position without posting the job may be granted. Such a request is made by completing a Waiver to Post through the ICHR Recruiting Cloud.

Departments will be notified via system email notification when the waiver has been approved.

If the employee is new or a rehire, they must go through the College's standard onboarding process prior to their start date 

3.1.4 Recruitment Advertising

The Ithaca College Employment website, ithaca.edu/jobs, functions as the primary recruitment source for administration, faculty and staff positions. Effective recruiting must encompass advertising to a larger and more targeted population than is reached by listings on the employment website alone.

Human Resources Business Partners are available to assist with drafting or editing advertisements and have expertise in identifying appropriate recruitment sources.

The proposed advertisement copy must be included in the online Recruitment Request. A comprehensive recruitment outreach plan should be included in the online recruitment request and must receive advance approval from the Human Resources Business Partner.

After approval is obtained, departments are responsible for the placement of all professional journal advertisements (with the exception of the Chronicle of Higher Education, which is placed by the Human Resources). The Human Resources Business Partner will also place advertisements in various Higher Education specific publications to ensure a coordinated and professional presentation of the College’s vacancies. Upon request, the Human Resources Business will assist in formatting a position announcement for vacancy notices to be circulated to other institutions, agencies, and organizations.

All advertising for Ithaca College position vacancies must contain the following statement: “Ithaca College is committed to building a diverse academic community and encourages members of underrepresented groups to apply. Experience that contributes to the diversity of the college is appreciated.” On-Line Application Process 

Upon final approval of the Recruitment Request, positions will be posted to the ICHR Recruiting Cloud. Individuals who wish to be considered for posted positions must complete an online application, attach required documentation, such as a cover letter, resume and any other requested documents for evaluation.  Supervisors and search committee members can review candidate materials on-line. Advertising Options

A hiring supervisor may wish to include some of the following strategies:

• Send/post position announcements to underrepresented groups and appropriate professional organizations.
• Place ads in magazines/journals and/or listservs and social media groups of appropriate discipline.
• Contact other professionals to solicit nominations and applications from historically underrepresented groups.
• Send position announcements to other colleges or universities.
• For help in formulating any special Internet advertising strategies, supervisors should contact their Human Resources Business Partner. Advertising Contact Information 

The Office of Human Resources maintains a listing of recruitment sources that includes general information about who to contact when placing an ad. For further details about these sources, contact the appropriate Human Resources Business Partner.

Web recruitment sources and methods that target diverse populations and discipline-specific areas are encouraged, in addition to more traditional methods of advertising specific job openings.

3.1.5 Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures

The Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures issued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in 1978, established a uniform federal position governing the use of selection procedures in relation to equal employment opportunity laws.

The EEOC Guidelines should be considered in all employee selection procedures including tests, interviews, reference checks, medical exams, etc. Although these EEOC regulations are not legally binding on College selection procedures, the College requests that supervisors use them as general guidelines. Each and every selection device used by an employer to make an employment decision (e.g., hiring, firing, promotion, etc.) is within the purview of the guidelines.

Only tests validated according to the EEOC standards may be used in the selection process. Validated tests may not be adopted by supervisors/department chairs without prior approval by a Human Resources Business Partner.

3.1.6 The Application Form

The Ithaca College application for employment meets all legal requirements (ithaca.edu/jobs). All applicants should file an Ithaca College online application and submit requested materials.

Employees and applicants should be aware that falsification of information on the Ithaca College application form and any attached documents, such as resumes and cover letters, is cause for disciplinary action up to or including termination.

3.1.7 Recruitment Process

Prior to any search, the department must submit an online recruitment request. The hiring unit administrator and/or search committee chair meet with a Human Resources Business Partner to discuss the position including position classification, salary administration, job description, advertisement development, and other relevant issues including selection criteria and a recruitment plan.

Under certain circumstances a waiver to post may be appropriate.

Human Resources Business Partners are available to meet with search committees to provide information on effective recruitment, interviewing and selection approaches and are available to review résumés, prescreen applicants, or assist with the selection of employees upon request.

A Human Resources Business Partner is available to assist with the selection process by screenings applications and candidates and selecting a group of qualified candidates to be referred to hiring departments for their consideration for interviews.

3.1.8 Conducting Employment Interviews

Interviewing is one of the most important steps in the process of selecting the most suitable candidates. If conducted properly, interviews give candidates the opportunity to present themselves for review.

But, the areas where supervisors/department chairs are most vulnerable to charges of discrimination are in the interview and selection process. For this reason, everyone who is minimally involved in interviewing job candidates must be aware of the types of inquiries that can result in costly and time consuming charges of discrimination. It is imperative that all information concerning every aspect of the recruitment process is documented and maintained in strict confidence (names of applicants, application forms, resumes, interview feedback forms). Everyone identified as part of a search committee should sign a search confidentiality agreement (per search) to be kept on file in the Office of Human Resources.

The Office of Human Resources has materials available to assist departments with recruitment procedures and documentation, including sample interview assessment forms, rating forms, and checklists for recruitment and selection procedures. These materials are designed to help supervisors/department chairs and others who have pre-employment contact with job candidates. They provide information regarding the legality of asking certain questions or imposing certain requirements and provide sample questions for use during interviews. The list of questions is not all-inclusive, however it does provide guidance in conducting employment interviews. If supervisors are uncertain about any aspect of the interview, the Office of Human Resources is available for consultation.

Last Updated: May 2021