The College offers employees and their families a variety of benefits. The cost to the College for providing these benefits makes them a significant part of the total compensation package. The benefits program includes benefits mandated by state or federal law (statutory benefits) and benefits that the College chooses to offer. Statutory benefits include Social Security, Workers’ Compensation, New York State Disability (not applicable to faculty). Supervisors and department chairs should have a general understanding of the content and value of the benefits package. (For additional information please refer to the Office of Human Resources’ web site.)

This section covers general information about benefits. Employees are given access to Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) and other benefits related literature at orientation and on the Office of Human Resources’ website. Updates to plan documents are issued when significant changes occur. As is the case for all benefit plans, the actual provisions are contained in the plan documents, which govern the operation of the plans. The following summaries are intended only for reference; the full texts of insurance contracts, the plan document, and other benefits program authorizations are the controlling documents.

Ithaca College reserves the right to review, amend or cancel any benefit to the full extent permitted by law. In recent years, laws and regulations governing employee benefit plans have changed frequently and are likely to change again. If and when changes occur, the college board of trustees or its designees may amend or terminate any of the plans at any time pursuant to a written amendment.

It is essential that employees have accurate and complete information about the coverage, costs, and other provisions of available benefits. Benefit provisions are complex and subject to modifications; therefore, supervisors are requested to refer any questions or problems to the Office of Human Resources.

Last Updated: January 1, 2013