Ithaca College is a tax-exempt, private, non-profit educational institution with approximately 5,000 full time students. Questions regarding purchase orders should be directed to the buyer listed on the Purchase Order. Procurement contacts are listed below:

Bernie Murtha (, Director of Procurement and Compliance
(607) 274-7764

Karen Cleveland (, Procurement Specialist
(607) 274-7341

Thank you for your interest in doing business with Ithaca College. We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to the following guidelines listed below.

Parking Policies
All visitors must be registered with the Parking & Traffic Services Department located in the Public Safety & General Administrative Services Building on Farm Pond Road. Campus maps and supplier parking permits may be obtained free of charge and are valid for one year from January 15 – January 14. Supplier parking is available in any blue or red designated parking lots only or designed supplier parking spaces in “H” and “U” lots. There is also a designated “no charge” Visitor lot on the north side of campus off the main perimeter campus road. General information, along with the hours of operation, is located at:

Salespersons are not permitted to solicit orders or demonstrate equipment or products on College premises unless requested by college departments.

Catalogs and Price Lists
Your interest and assistance is requested to keep our catalog file and other product literature up to date.

Ithaca College Procurement adheres to the codes of conduct of the National Association of Educational Procurement (NAEP) that may be referenced on the "Code of Ethics" portion of this website.

Gifts and Gratuities
College policy prohibits the receipt of any gifts, gratuities, or other incentives by all employees under any circumstances from suppliers doing business or attempting to do business with the College. We prefer incentives be expressed in favorable business terms such as price, service and quality.

Ithaca College requires all suppliers delivering goods or providing services on campus to present valid certificates of insurance for general liability, automobile liability, and evidence of workers compensation coverage to the Ithaca College buyer BEFORE services are performed per the College Office of Risk Management requirements. For questions concerning insurance coverage, see the "Insurance Requirements" portion of the Procurement website.

Unauthorized Purchases
Purchases that have not been authorized by College policy (see Procurement Methods below) will not be accepted or considered binding upon the College and may be returned to the supplier at the supplier’s cost or may be considered a donation to Ithaca College. NOTE: All orders must be accompanied by an official purchase order from Ithaca College BEFORE such orders are shipped or delivered.

The College reserves the right to return merchandise which does not meet specifications. It is understood that such goods are to be returned at the supplier’s expense.

Recycled and Green Purchasing
The College is committed to the protection of the environment and is always interested in the purchase of recycled and recyclable products when possible.

Deliveries and Shipping
It is imperative that all products and services be delivered according to the delivery date agreed upon at the time the order was placed. Freight carrier deliveries to campus can be made to the Central Receiving Warehouse on Farm Pond Road between 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Monday – Friday (phone 607.274.3156). UPS, U.S.P.S., Federal Express or other courier shipments will be delivered to Mail Services (phone 607.274.3371) at the Public Safety & General Administrative Services building on Farm Pond Road. All shipments must be made freight prepaid (if authorized) and added to the invoice, f.o.b. Ithaca College. No C.O.D. or Collect shipments will be accepted.

Procurement Methods
The College uses one of the following methods for procurement:

  • Purchases UP TO $2000.00 – Do not require bidding. Preferred method is to process a requisition in IC Finance Cloud.
  • Purchases OVER $2000.00 – Purchase order required. A purchase order from Ithaca College is required before goods or services may be ordered or shipped.
  • Purchases OVER $10,000.00 – Formal bids by the Director of the Procurement Department (or authorized designees).

Request for Proposal, Request for Quotation, Invitation To Bid
Ithaca College is a private, educational institution. All proposals, bids, and quotations are considered confidential and will not be disclosed to competitors or others. “Low Bidder” will not necessarily mean an award will be made to a supplier. Bids are not made “public” and decisions in evaluating bids, quotes, or proposals will be determined by adherence to required specifications, quality, delivery, terms and conditions, service, warranty, and other relevant factors.

Ithaca College is eligible for NYS Government Contract pricing.

Terms and Conditions
Ithaca College purchasing Terms and Conditions are located on our Purchase Order Terms and Conditions page

Invoice Payment and Tax-Exemption
Ithaca College is a tax-exempt educational institution; the tax–exempt number is EX-112761. Copies of the tax-exempt certificate can be printed from the documents portion of our web site. All invoices that support an Ithaca College Purchase Order must reference that number and be emailed to or mailed to Ithaca College Attn: Accounts Payable Department, 1402 West Tower, 953 Danby Road, Ithaca, NY 14850-7000 (phone 607.274.3808 or 607.274.3387). Invoices are paid net 45 days following date of invoice unless more favorable terms are extended for prompt payment.


Sales representatives routinely visiting the campus are encouraged to obtain a free parking permit from the Office of Public Safety. This easy process assists our Parking and Traffic Services staff to administer college parking regulations. General information, along with the hours of operation, is located here.

Campus Map