1. College reservations may be made by authorized employees using a College Purchase Order.
  2. All invoices shall be paid thirty (30) days from date of invoice unless other arrangements have been made with the authorized College employee and the bus provider.
  3. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment directly into the bus provider’s bank account may be arranged through the College’s Accounts Payable Department. (Departments should check with A/P to determine if this payment process is in effect.)
  4. All invoices shall include, but not be limited to, the following information when submitted for payment:
    1. Ithaca College Purchase Order Number, if applicable
    2. Name of group of athletics team transported
    3. Date of invoice
    4. Date of trip
    5. Actual trip miles traveled
    6. Any itemized additional trip charges  
    7. Total amount due
    8. Any additional discount terms for early payment, if applicable (i.e., 2% discount, 10 days Net, etc.)
  5. All invoices for payment shall be sent to the authorized College employee who booked the trip.
  6. The College is exempt from Federal and State Excise Tax.  A copy of the College’s tax exempt certificate will be supplied to the bus provider upon request.