Returning to South Hill

As an independent student living off-campus for Spring 2021 below is a recommended checklist of items to prepare for your return.  

  • If you have not already done so, schedule a flu vaccine at home to protect your respiratory health. 
  • Fill out the Spring Declaration - here - due November 20 at 5:00 PM (form is still available after the due date).
  • Contact SAS if you have accommodations needs for the Spring semester.
  • Complete the Community Agreement - here - Due December 9 at 5:00 PM (you cannot return until this is signed).
  • Read the email from Off Campus Living Coordinator sent on December 8. 
  • Read the email from Off-Campus Living Coordinator sent the week of January 4 sharing the specifics of how to complete your arrival test and enroll in surveillance testing.

All Off-Campus students must complete a COVID-19 test by February 3, 2021.

Pre-Arrival Quarantine and Testing

Please familiarize yourself with the New York State Travel Advisory and make plans to comply with all required expectations for quarantine, testing, and completing the Traveler’s Health Form should they apply.

  • Non-Contiguous State or CDC Level 2 or 3 Country Quarantine Verification - Due November 30 (ONLY for Non-Contiguous states/CDC Level 2 or 3 Countries). 
  • Contiguous States - Plan ahead and schedule a COVID-19 test for your arrival to Tompkins County.  

Regardless of where you are traveling from, Ithaca College is requesting that all students complete a precautionary quarantine for up to 14 days if possible and be tested prior to traveling to Ithaca. We are asking you to take these critical steps to minimize the chance of bringing the SARS-CoV-2 virus (which leads to COVID-19 disease) into the Tompkins County area and preserve our local healthcare resources.  

Arrival Testing

All students must complete arrival testing by February 3 (and be enrolled in a surveillance testing schedule for the remainder of the semester - more details on this to come) or you will be unable to access classes on February 8th. We will send a communication the week of January 4 sharing the specifics of how to complete your arrival test and enroll in surveillance testing.  

If you are arriving before January 8, on campus testing may not yet be available. There are two testing sites in Ithaca – the Cayuga Health Systems (CHS) Sampling Site at the Ithaca Mall and the Downtown Location on Tioga Street – where you can complete an arrival test. You must register for an appointment to test at these locations HERE. On the last registration page, you will have an option of selecting the location. There is no cost to students for testing at these locations. 

Positive Student Arrival Testing & Quarantine Exemption Process

Off-Campus Students 

  • Students who test positive for SARS-CoV-2 within 90 days of February 5 are exempt from arrival testing, once verified by Hammond Health Center. 
  • Students who test positive for SARS-CoV-2 within 14 days of their arrival date in Ithaca, however, may not travel to Ithaca until cleared by Hammond Health Center. 
  • Students must provide test results to Hammond Health Center (healthcenter@ithaca.edu or fax to 607-274-1844) and, if available, notification from health department that isolation was completed. 
  • Hammond Health Center will review the information and establish when the student must begin surveillance testing. 
  • Student must clarify if they are traveling from a contiguous state or non-contiguous state. Students traveling from a non-contiguous state must still complete the Traveler’s Health Form, but they do not have to complete the pre-travel test, Day 4 test, or quarantine required by the Travel Advisory.

Packing For Success

  • Household Cleaning Supplies - In Ithaca, cleaning supplies can be hard to locate or buy in larger numbers. Off-Campus students should have a 14-day of household cleaning supplies upon arrival to Ithaca.

  • Groceries - Similar to household cleaning supplies, we recommend that you have 14 days of shelf-stable food supplies in your independent living arrangement.  

  • Toilet Paper - Although some independent living spaces do have toilet paper provided upon your arrival, you should plan to travel with some to support your four-day quarantine.  

  • Fever Reducing and Cold and Flu Medications - Students who have symptoms of COVID-19 will need to quarantine pending their test results. Off-Campus students should keep fever reducing and cold and flu medication well stocked throughout the semester.  

  • Face Coverings - Ithaca College will provide all students with two reusable and washable face coverings. However, we recommend that you bring more with you so that you have several spares available.  

  • Hand Soap

  • Hand Sanitizer 

  • Thermometer

  • Reusable water bottle

Returning to South Hill in Spring 2021

Four students with face coverings and dog.

Having Open Discussions with Your Roommates

The basis for a good roommate agreement is open and honest communication – and this applies to both unrelated roommates and familial households. Students are invited to fill out the Independent Living Roommate Agreement. Filling this out will enter you to win a $100 gift card, you can find the form here. Students can also decide to have this conversation independently from the form. People have different tolerance for risk, so don’t make assumptions about how others feel. Invest time to truly listen to their preferences and share your own:  

  • What public health recommendations apply inside the home – Wear face coverings? Share food or drinks? Stay 6 feet apart? Disinfect regularly?  
  • Who will be permitted inside the home?   
  • What are the expectations for visitors – Is there a limit on numbers? Time? Wearing face coverings? Remaining 6 feet apart?  
  • Are overnight guests permitted?  
  • How will travel be handled? What will be the re-entry requirements into the household?  
  • How is the household prepared to handle illness?