One of your final ICC experiences as you near graduation is your ICC capstone, designed as an opportunity for you to synthesize your college experience. An ICC capstone experience is required for all students and is either a stand-alone course or a component of a capstone for your major program. As part of your ICC capstone, you’ll be required to complete a reflective artifact that addresses the question, “What has my learning in the Integrative Core Curriculum contributed to my education and how is that learning related to what I’ve learned in my major and through other learning experiences?” Upon completion of the ICC capstone requirement, you’ll be able to:

  1. Engage in and communicate self-reflection about your learning in the Integrative Core Curriculum, your chosen discipline, and your overall college experience;
  2. Connect relevant experience and academic knowledge to deepen understanding of fields of study and broaden your own points of view; and
  3. Summarize your prior learning inside and outside of the classroom to reveal significantly changed perspectives about educational and life experiences

Required Capstone Courses

School of Business:

Accounting, Business Administration: MGMT 42100 Strategic Management

Legal Studies: LGST 49800 Internship in Legal Studies

Park School of Communications:

All majors: GCOM 43000 Connecting the Dots

School of Health Sciences and Human Performances:

Athletic Training: EXSS 45600 clinical Experience in Athletic Training VI

Clinical Health Studies: PTBS 54203 Professional Development II

Exercise Science, Clinical Exercise & Wellness Concentration: EXSS 47400 Internship: Rehabilitative Clinical Exercise Science

Exercise Science, Medical Sciences Concentration, Sport Sciences Concentration: EXSS 47600 ICC Capstone in EXSS

Exercise Science, Strength and Conditioning Concentration: EXSS 47300 Internship: Preventative Clinical Exercise Science

Health Care Management, Health Sciences, and Public and Community Health: HLTH 44400 Leadership and Health Promotion

Health Education (teaching): HLTH 44800 Seminar in Health Education

Health Education and Physical Education (teaching) and Physical Education: PHED 44800 Professional Seminar

Occupational Science: OTBS 48100 ICC Capstone in OT

Outdoor Adventure Leadership and Therapeutic Recreation: RLS 45300 Seminar: Professional Development

Speech-Language Pathology: SLPA 47200 Clinical Methods

School of Humanities and Sciences:

Students with a major not listed here may complete IISP 49800 Integrative Core Curriculum Capstone or an ICC Capstone within a discipline.

Aging Studies: GERO 48000 Gerontology Senior Seminar

Anthropology: ANTH 45000 Anthropological Capstone

Applied Psychology: PSYC 49800 Capstone in Psychology

Architectural Studies: ARTH 48000 Senior Portfolio: Architecture

Biochemistry: BIOC 48100 Current Topics in Biochemistry

Chemistry: CHEM 48800 Chemistry Capstone: Senior Thesis

Culture and Communication: CLTC 48000 Senior Seminar in Culture and Communication

Environmental Science and Environmental Studies: ENVS 47500 Advanced Environmental Seminar

History: HIST 49400 History Capstone

Integrative Studies: INST 40000 Integrative Studies Capstone

Mathematics: MATH 49800 Capstone in Mathematics I and MATH 49900 Capstone in Mathematics II

Philosophy: PHIL 41000 Philosophy Capstone Seminar

Philosophy and Religion: PHIL 41000 Philosophy Capstone Seminar or RLST 41000 Religious Studies Capstone

Psychology: PSYC 49800 Capstone in Psychology

Theatre Studies: THEA 44500 Theatre Studies Capstone

School of Music:

Composition: MUTH 49800 Composition Recital

Jazz Studies: MUMC 47300 Required Senior Recital

Music and Music in Combination with an Outside Field: MUMC 46100 Senior Seminar in Music, Liberal Arts, and Outside Fields

Music Education and Performance/Music Education, 4 ½ years: MUED 47000 Senior Music Education Capstone and Portfolio

Music Theory: MUTH 49100 Advanced Music Theory Seminar I and MUTH 49200 Advanced Music Theory Seminar II

Performance: MUMC 47301 Required Senior Voice Recital

Performance, Collaborative Emphasis: MUMC 47500 Required Collaborative Recital

Sound Recording Technology: MSRT 49200 Senior Project

Capstone Requirements by Degree Program (updated 7/11/17)