2.33 Higher Education Opportunities Act (HEOA) Compliance Policy for Textbooks and Other Course Material

The Higher Education Opportunities Act (HEOA) of 2008 requires colleges and universities to provide students with ISBNs and prices for textbooks, as well as lists and prices for all required course materials in sufficient time for students to consider the cost of materials when finalizing course selection. For Ithaca College, the start of course registration for the subsequent semester is the time when all course material information, including costs, need to be disclosed. The Campus Store is the Ithaca College department designated to solicit all course material information from faculty, compile this information, and publish the information for students in time for registration each semester.

Compliance with the HEOA is a condition for institutions receiving financial aid from the Federal Government and the joint responsibility of all faculty as well as the Campus Store, the Library and the Division of Educational Affairs.

The Ithaca College Campus Store is available to consult with faculty regarding options for formats or editions of any particular title(s) or course materials, as well as the estimated selling prices to students. A list of all required course materials, including all textbooks and all supplemental materials, must be provided to the Campus Store in order to ensure compliance with HEOA. The listing of course materials by the Campus Store provides students with the information necessary to acquire access to these materials from the source of their choice.

The Ithaca College Library is available to consult with faculty regarding the posting and linking of course materials, within Fair Use and Copyright guidelines, in the Ithaca College Course Management System.

Course material submission deadlines to the Campus Store are determined by the dates for registration. Specific dates when lists of course materials need to be provided to the Campus Store will be communicated the preceding semester and will be approximately on or about:

  • November 1 for the Spring Semester
  • April 1 for the Summer
  • April 1 for the Fall Semester

There is an approximate two week window between when lists of course materials are due to the Campus Store and the start of registration. During these two weeks the Campus Store will need to confirm availability from publishers, ISBN numbers, editions and the availability of used books before course materials can be listed.

Two weeks prior to the start of each semester Ithaca College faculty should verify their lists of textbooks and other materials for their courses in order to prevent students from purchasing unneeded materials from the Campus Store or other sources. 

Added: May 6, 2015