2.39 Policies and Procedures in the event of Lost /Stolen or Damaged Computer Equipment


The purpose of this document is to establish policy and set procedures to follow in the event of lost, stolen or damaged college owned computer equipment.

 Each Ithaca College department is responsible for the computer equipment assigned to their area.  The objectives of this document are to 1) insure appropriate department management and accountability for the college’s computer assets and 2) to establish the procedural steps for departments to follow in the event of lost, stolen, or damaged computer equipment.

Lost or Stolen. Should loss or theft of computer equipment occur, the guardian of the asset should notify their immediate supervisor of the incident.  The guardian or supervisor must also report the incident immediately to the following three departments: 

1) Public Safety, phone # 274-3333 - will conduct the formal investigation.  They will take a statement from the individual reporting the incident and will generate a report with a case # along with required information (when and where the theft occurred, items stolen, etc.).  

2) Information Technology Services Helpdesk, phone # 274-3282 - will generate an internal tracking issue and assign it to the Coordinator of Desktop Technology Acquisition. 

Information Technology Services will work with the department regarding the process of replacing computer equipment if the item is not recovered by Public Safety.  If the lost or stolen asset is leased, Information Technology Services will also inform the leasing company.  It is the responsibility of the guardian department to either replace or reimburse the leasing company for lost or stolen computer equipment; if replaced, the replacement asset will then ‘take the place of’ the original in the renewal lease schedule. 

3) Risk Management, phone # 274-3285 - will collaborate with Public Safety and Information Technology Services and will assist the department reporting the theft or damage with funding to purchase the replacement.  

The department reporting the incident is responsible for funding the first $1,000 of each new/replaced asset and Risk Management will provide insurance funding for the remainder of the total cost.

For example:             A new laptop costs:             $1300
                                    Department pays:                $1000                                   
                                    Risk Management pays:     $  300 

Funding is dependent upon the reporting steps listed above being followed.  It is imperative to report lost, stolen or damaged equipment as soon as it is discovered.  

If the department decides not to replace leased computer equipment, the remaining lease must be bought out by the department. In this situation, Information Technology Services will act as liaison between the department and the leasing company. 

Insurance funding cannot occur until the Public Safety report is received by Risk Management and Information Technology Services has provided information on the new asset that will replace the stolen or damaged item (cost, description, etc.).  The department also needs to provide an account number to Risk Management, so funding can be transferred into the departmental account. 

Damage.  If computer equipment is damaged, it should be reported immediately to the Information Technology Services Helpdesk, phone # 274-3282.  Information Technology Services will generate an internal tracking issue for a field service technician to assess the damage.  The department may be charged for the repair if the damage is not covered under warranty. If a leased system was damaged beyond repair, the fair-market-value of the machine as determined by the college’s leasing company will be charged to the department. Repair or replacement of damaged leased computer equipment is the responsibility of the guardian department.  


In cases of negligence the guardian department may seek reimbursement from the employee to cover the cost of repair or replacement.1

Additional Important Information: 

If the computer was lost, stolen, or damaged while the employee was traveling, the employee should immediately make a report to the local authorities and follow steps #1-3 above.  

If the computer contained sensitive data, this information MUST be shared with the three departments listed above.

1Approved by President's Council 9/23/2008

Added: June 1, 2011