2.34 Policy on Use of Space Heaters

Ithaca College policy states that interior building temperature set points are 69-71 degrees for the heating season (generally November through April) and 74-76 degrees for the cooling season (generally May through October). This is an environmentally responsible policy that meets applicable New York State building codes and OSHA guidelines as well as helps the college reduce its energy consumption.

The use of portable space heaters is prohibited except where it is determined by the Office of Facilities that the building HVAC system cannot maintain the college approved temperature set point range. The Office of Facilities will provide the space heater if it is determined that one is needed. This policy will better allow the Office of Facilities to determine what HVAC systems need upgrading and will reduce the excessive electrical load and potential safety hazards created by unregulated space heaters.

Added: March 23, 2004