2.42 International Travel Policy for Faculty/Staff Led Student Travel

2.42 International Travel Policy for Faculty/Staff Led Student Travel

The College’s comprehensive programs of study emphasize the development of the intellect, creativity, and character in each student in order to produce graduates who are prepared to competently work and thrive in a global economy, participate as informed citizens in the global community, and to collaborate with others in finding responses to global challenges.  To this end, the College values faculty and staff who create opportunities for students to experience and learn from the world around them.

In order to protect the interest and safety of Ithaca College, its students, its faculty, and its staff, the College requires all faculty and staff conducting international travel involving students to work directly with the Office of International Programs.  The Office of International Programs will work with faculty and staff to facilitate the development of international opportunities, to assess each opportunity in cooperation with various offices of the College, to coordinate the implementation of the most promising opportunities in keeping with institutional policies and procedures, and to provide administrative support when needed and as appropriate.

It will be the responsibility of The Office of International Programs and the College’s International Travel Policy Committee to develop guidelines for overseas travel with students.   Whether the travel experience emanates from an academic unit offering a credit or non-credit bearing overseas travel experience or from any other unit of the College engaged in offering educational experiences for students, Ithaca College’s international travel policy and guidelines must be observed to protect the interests and safety of all concerned.

Last Updated: October 14, 2011