2.15 Vehicle Registration/Parking

2.15 Vehicle Registration/Parking

All vehicles parking on campus must be registered with the Office of Public Safety, Parking and Traffic Services office (PTS). Staff and faculty must register their vehicles with PTS when first hired and during January of each year thereafter. Parking privileges are designated for specifically assigned areas by color-coded permits as specified in the parking regulations found at http://www.ithaca.edu/sacl/safety/parking/regulations/. Vehicle registration cards are available at the Office of Public Safety. There is no charge for vehicle registration for staff or faculty and they receive a copy of Parking and Traffic Rules and Regulations with their parking permit.

There is a mandatory student registration fee for a parking permit. Permits can be purchased at any time during the academic year when the student brings a vehicle to campus. Those who try to avoid paying the fee usually end up paying more in fines than the actual cost of registration. Questions regarding parking can be answered by Parking and Traffic Services at 274-3756. Vehicles brought to campus for a short period of time are eligible for a temporary permit, which is valid for up to two weeks. Check with PTS for details. All students with registered vehicles are required to park in assigned student parking lots.

Students, faculty or staff members with disabilities may park in any handicapped-access space or any other non-restricted area in any campus lot (with the exception of Lot P) so long as the appropriate state-issued permit is displayed on their vehicles as well as the appropriate permit from Parking and Traffic Services.

Visitors must park in the Visitor Parking Lot, however visitors to the Office of Admission may also park in Lot P. In addition, visitors requiring handicapped-access parking spaces may use any campus parking lot after acquiring a temporary visitor permit from the Office of Public Safety. Areas designated for visitor parking are restricted to visitors only. The Office of Public Safety is open 24 hours a day and does not charge for visitor registration and parking.

In the interest of safety, fire lane regulations are strictly enforced. Fire lanes are clearly marked by signs. There is a $40 fine plus a towing charge for illegally parking in a fire lane. If parking in a fire lane to load or unload a vehicle, call the Office of Public Safety (274-3333) to obtain a 15-minute loading permit. Do not park in handicapped-access parking spaces without the appropriate permit from Parking and Traffic Services.

Last Updated: September 24, 2010