Emergency Loans and Advances

We understand there are times when you may need help covering college expenses, particularly at the start of the semester. Two options are available to you, depending on your circumstances: an aid advance or an Ebsary loan.

Aid Advance

If you are expecting a credit balance on your account when your financial aid comes in and all expenses are covered, we may be able to provide an advance on that credit to help you cover some expenses.

You may request an advance via Homer Connect beginning ten days prior to the start of your classes. Prior to then, if you're unable to complete a request through Homer Connect, please complete the Aid Advance Form

The maximum amount you may request depends on the anticipated credit you will receive but cannot exceed $2,000. You can receive up to two aid advances every 60 days in a semester.

No advance will be approved until you have the resources to cover your bill (anticipated monthly tuition plan payments are not considered) and all unsatisfied requirements listed in Homer Connect have been completed.

If you receive an advance and the college for any reason does not receive a source of financial aid, it is your responsibility to pay to the college any balance due.

Ebsary Loan

An Ebsary loan is an interest-free loan granted for unusual emergencies (a credit card payment due, for instance, would not qualify). To qualify for an Ebsary loan, you should not have already received an Ebsary loan that semester. 

Please contact the Office of Student Financial Services directly to request an ebsary loan.

Ebsary loans are not dependent on anticipated aid showing on your account and must be repaid by a designated due date.