Request for Citizenship Documentation

If you were contacted regarding a request to confirm your U.S. citizenship or eligible non-citizen status in order to qualify for Federal Financial Aid, please refer to this page for more information.
Please note:

You cannot be packaged for federal financial aid before this process is complete. The affidavit and supporting documentation may take several days to be processed after submission.

How to Confirm Citizenship Status

  1. Print and complete the Ithaca College Citizenship Affidavit Form.
  2. Sign the form before a notary public, to whom you must present your citizenship document and an unexpired, government-issued, photo ID.
  3. Submit the notarized affidavit and supporting documentation through:
    1. Our secure online portal OR
    2. Mailing materials directly to our office.
Citizenship Affidavit Form

Complete and notarize this form before submitting it to our office.

Acceptable Documentation

Refer to the list under "Examples of U.S. Citizenship and Eligible Noncitizen Documents"