Student Withdrawal or Leave of Absence

Full-time students who officially withdraw, take a leave of absence, or are dismissed from Ithaca College are charged a percentage of total tuition depending on the number of weeks attended.

Weeks of attendance are counted from the first day of classes in each semester. No refunds are granted until the student completes the College’s official withdrawal or leave of absence procedure. Any federal aid recipient who takes a leave of absence or withdraws within the ninth week should be aware that a return of federal aid may be required even though full tuition, room, and board charges will be incurred.

Students who leave due to medical reasons are subject to the same financial refund policies and schedules as students who take a leave or withdrawal for non-medical reasons. 

If a student is called to active military duty during a semester, the College will apply, in full, any tuition paid for that semester to any future semester in which he or she may return. Room and board refunds will be issued on a pro rata basis consistent with our current policy.


Based on a 15-week semester, the following refund percentages are applied to the appropriate charges:


1st week 100%
2nd week 85%
3rd week 70%
4th week 60%
5th week 50%
6th week 40%
7th week 30%
8th week 15%
9th week 0%
College Policies

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