Accessing your 1098-T

1098-T is an IRS form used to report the amount of qualified tuition and fees you (or your parents) paid within the tax year.

There are three methods in receiving a copy of the 1098-T.

The first method is a mailed copy. Our office will mail a hard copy to the permanent address on file by January 31st.

The second method requires the student to log into their Homer Connect:

  • Log into Homer Connect
  • Select "Financial Aid & Billing"
  • Select "Tax Notification" and enter the year you are requesting.

The last method is through Heartland ECSI. The parent or student may request the 1098-T through this method.

  • Visit www.heartland.ecsi.net
  • Select "Access your 1098 Tax Documents"
  • Then select "Want to lookup your 1098-T or 1098-E tax form?"
  • Click "I need my 1098-T Tuition Tax Statement"
  • Enter "Ithaca College" as the School Name.
  • The student's first name, last name, social security number and permanent address zip code will be entered.

Important Notes

Due to the sensitive information on the form, 1098-Ts cannot be emailed.

Please review the the IRS Publication 970 for the corresponding tax year for additional details regarding the 1098-T.

Our office cannot provide tax advice. Please seek the advice of a tax preparer or advisor when completing your taxes.