Reviewing your Financial Aid Letter

The financial aid letter will provide a breakdown of the anticipated costs for the year, or the Cost of Attendance, minus the financial aid that has been awarded. The estimated family cost to attend is the remaining out-of-pocket amount that is not covered by financial aid and the family can expect to pay.

Please note that Textbooks and Personal Expenses are based on the average student. Actual amounts may vary.

Please note that there may be expenses that are not reflected in your financial aid package, but are additional expenses relating to your stay in the United States. For more information about these expenses, please contact the Office of International Programs at (607) 274-3306

Learn more about the types of financial aid that may have been awarded to you:



Student Employment is another opportunity available to you to earn an income to offset other expenses not included in your student account.

Outside Scholarship tool - list of common websites to search for scholarships

How to Determine What you May Owe for your College Bill

A billing statement is created for each fall semester and spring semester. Usually bills are released by July 15th for fall and December 15th for spring. To calculate the amount for your billing statement for each semester, first divide the costs and financial aid on your award letter by two to receive the semester amounts. You may follow the formula below:

(Tuition + Room + Board + Health Insurance) minus (-) Financial Aid = Balance due for semester.

Enrollment deposits are added as a credit to the first billing statement generated for your account, which will reduce the balance due.

You may find more details regarding the billing statements within our How To's "Understand your Bill"

If you and your family would like more information on payment options and financing opportunities for the Balance due for the semester, you may review our “Billing & Payments” page.

It’s important to remember to:

  • Enroll full-time, which is a minimum of 12 credits, and maintain satisfactory academic progress requirements to receive financial aid.
  • Review your requirements on Homer Connect, by selecting “Financial Aid & Billing” then “Student Eligibility Requirements” to complete necessary items for financial aid.
  • Submit a Part-Time enrollment form if enrolling in less than full-time/12 credits. May result in a reduction or elimination of financial aid. Complete a Part-Time form.
  • Immediately respond or submit requested information and documentation as requested by our office. Unsatisfied requirements will prevent financial aid from paying to your student account.
  • Notify the Office of Student Financial Services of any outside, independent resources/aid as it may affect your financial aid package from Ithaca College. Complete an Outside Resources Form.