Managing Your Billing and Payments

Every student bill is unique, and interpreting each bill can be confusing. We’re here to help.

All charges, including tuition, housing and other charges placed by various departments on campus, are placed on what we call your student account. A student account is not actually a bank account, nor is it a log-in to one of our online systems. Rather, a student account is simply our record of a student's charges and payments at the College.

Our bills are electronic rather than paper. Students, as well as family members designated as “Authorized Payers”, receive emails when a new billing statement is available to view online. Accessing the online bill is easy; students use HomerConnect and parents use QuikPay.

Student accounts and billing statements are available to view 24/7 from any location. Payments can be made electronically or in-person in a variety of ways. If you have questions about billing or payments, staff are available at our office service windows to help.

Payment Options
Learn about the variety of ways to pay your bill.
Financing Opportunities
A college education is one of the most important investments you will ever make. Like any investment, it requires careful thought.
Financial Aid & Payment Deadlines
Check out our deadlines page for all financial aid and billing-related deadlines.
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