Financial aid, billing and fees vary depending on the type of study abroad program you enroll in. There are two types of study abroad programs, affiliated and non-affiliated. For program details, please contact the Office of International Programs.

Affiliated Programs

Affiliated means that there is an agreement between Ithaca College and the host institution that both the credits and grades from courses taken will transfer to your record at Ithaca.

If you enroll in an affiliated program, you will usually carry most of your financial aid with you and do not need to take a leave of absence. You will pay your regular tuition amount (and sometimes room and board) to Ithaca and we will take care of payment to the sponsoring institution. Some affiliated programs will require an international deposit of $250.

London Center
If you plan to attend the London Center, you will be required to pay a London confirmation fee of $500 to reserve your spot in the program. If you pay the deposit and do not attend the London Center, even if you still attend Ithaca, your deposit is forfeited.

Non-Affiliated Programs

Non-affiliated means that we have no formal agreement that your credits will transfer. Courses taken must be evaluated by our registrar’s office to determine what will carry over to your transcript.

For these programs, only federal financial aid and alternative loans are eligible to go with you and you must take a leave of absence from the College for the semester you spend abroad.

Non-affiliated programs also require a $415 study abroad fee ($200 for winter/summer programs). You will pay the remainder of the costs directly to the host institution. If you have financial aid listed in a consortium agreement, we will send the money to the host institution when it is received and after the family or institution forwards a bill to us.