ID Express is a debit account accessed with the ID Card, which can be used for purchases at a variety of locations on and off campus. ID Express is not a bank account. Once money has been placed onto the ID Express account, it cannot be withdrawn until you leave or graduate. For information about how and where to use your ID Express account, visit the ID Office.

Opening an account

To open an account, go to GET website and complete the necessary information.  This allows students/parents the option of adding funds to the account with a credit card, as well as providing valuable information about account balances and spending history.

Closing your account 

Your ID Express account automatically will be closed if you leave the College through an official process such as withdrawal or graduation.  In that event, you may make a written request to the Office of Student Financial Services to refund any remaining balance in your account.

If no request is made, any remaining funds under $10 in the account will revert to the College.  If you have an outstanding financial obligation to the College, funds in your ID Express account will be applied to what you owe before any amount is refunded to you.

If you are a continuing student, any balance in your ID Express account will carry over to the following academic year for use at that time.

If you lose your ID card

The ID card and any funds in an ID Express account are the responsibility of the individual cardholder until the ID Office (607-274-3007) or the Office of Campus Safety (607-274-3333) is notified that the card is lost or stolen. You may also use the features of GET to turn off a campus card that has been lost.

The ID Office is located on the 3rd floor of the Campus Center Room 337. For office hours and more info, visit the link below.

ID Office