Documents should not be submitted until requested by the Office of Student Financial Services. Documents containing sensitive information and a signature should be uploaded through our secure document submission link. 

2022-2023 Change of Financial Circumstances

Complete to report any changes to your financial information due to unforeseen events. The deadline to submit the Dependent and Independent Change of Circumstances form is February 1, 2023.

Please note that the process begins with the student who will designate the email for the parent on the FAFSA to receive the form to sign. Students must have activated their netpass ID to sign in.

Complete Change of Circumstances form for Dependent Student

Complete Change of Circumstances form for Independent Student

2023-2024 Change in Circumstance form

The change in circumstance form for 2023-2024 will be available March 1, 2023.  Please do not send in documentation until the form is made available; the form and documentation must be together when submitted. 

Appeal of IC fee(s)

The IC catalog explains policies and deadlines related to when students are eligible to have fees for tuition, housing, meal plans, and/or other fees adjusted or refunded. These policies have been developed to ensure equitable processes for all students. Students may use the form below if they feel they experienced exceptional circumstances and would like to request an exception to the IC fee policies. The appeal and supporting documentation will be reviewed by a committee and students will receive notification of committee decision via e-mail. Submitting this form does not guarantee approval.
This appeal form is for incurred fees only; students may not appeal fees that have not yet been assessed to a student bill. An appeal for refund of tuition and fees requires that the student be officially withdrawn from the course (or courses) prior to submitting this appeal. Committee decisions are final and there is no other avenue for appeal.

Please note that the student must complete this form.

Fee appeal form

Citizenship Affidavit Form

Please complete this form if it shows as a requirement in Homer Connect.

Outside Resources Form

Financial aid recipients are required to report all financial aid awards (i.e. scholarships, grants, tuition remission) received from any organizations or agencies to the Office of Student Financial Services. Please use the Outside Resources Form to report awards that will be received by the student. 

Statement of Educational Purpose Form

This form is used to verify a student's identity and to verify the student understands that federal student financial assistance must be used for educational purposes and to pay for the cost of attending at Ithaca College.  Based on verification requirements, you may be required to complete and submit an Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose form.