2021-2022 Forms

Documents related to the 2021-2022 academic year can be found here. Documents should not be submitted until requested by the Office of Student Financial Services. Documents containing sensitive information and a signature should be uploaded through our secure document submission link.

Change of Circumstances

file-outline Change of Circumstances - changed-family-circumstance-form-2122-1.pdf (1.29 MB)

Completed by the family to report any changes to their financial picture due to unforeseen events. The deadline to complete for the 2021-2022 academic year is March 1, 2022. 

  • The Change of Circumstances form for the 2022-2023 academic year will become available for applicants and their families March 1, 2022. Please do not submit documentation without a request from our office.

Verification Documents

file-outline Asset Worksheet - asset-worksheet.pdf (144.97 KB)

If our office is needing additional information or clarification of your assets, please use this form to report assets as of the date the FAFSA was initially filed. You may find your filing date on your student aid report by logging into www.studentaid.gov

file-outline Clarification of Marital Status - clarification-of-marital-status_0.pdf (123.33 KB)

To be submitted if there is conflicting information between the FAFSA/CSS Profile and the tax filing status on tax return documents.

file-outline 2021-2022 Dependent Verification Worksheet - verification-worksheet-dependent.pdf (173.87 KB)

To be completed by student and parent to confirm accuracy of the number in household, income and untaxed income reported on the FAFSA. Each section must contain the necessary information and values.

file-outline 2021-2022 Independent Verification Worksheet - verification-worksheet-independent-students.pdf (168.24 KB)

Completed by independent students to confirm accuracy in household size, income and untaxed income reported on the FAFSA. Each section must be completed and contain the necessary values.

file-outline Statement of Educational Purposes - statement-of-educational-purpose.pdf (118.84 KB)

To be completed by the student to verify their identity in order to receive federal financial aid. Complete only when requested by the Office of Student Financial Services.

file-outline 2021-2022 Rollover Verification Worksheet - 2122-rollover-verification-worksheet.pdf (145.14 KB)

To be completed if a distribution was rolled over to another account.

file-outline Using the IRS Data Retreival Tool - using-the-irs-data-retrieval-tool-instructions.pdf (445.34 KB)

Instructions to link or request the Tax Return Transcript.

file-outline 4506-T Request Form - 4506-t-form-2020.pdf (220.6 KB)

The 4506-T is used to request Tax Return Transcripts, W-2 Wage and Income Statements, Verification of Non-Filer Statements in the event that a family is unable to link or procure these items for the verification process. The form must be printed, completed entirely, and faxed to the corresponding number by state.

Appeal of IC fee(s)

The IC catalog explains policies and deadlines related to when students are eligible to have fees for tuition, housing, meal plans, and/or other fees adjusted or refunded. These policies have been developed to ensure equitable processes for all students. Students may use the form below if they feel they experienced exceptional circumstances and would like to request an exception to the IC fee policies. The appeal and supporting documentation will be reviewed by a committee and students will receive notification of committee decision via e-mail. Submitting this form does not guarantee approval.
This appeal form is for incurred fees only; students may not appeal fees that have not yet been assessed to a student bill. An appeal for refund of tuition and fees requires that the student be officially withdrawn from the course (or courses) prior to submitting this appeal. Committee decisions are final and there is no other avenue for appeal.

Please note that the student must complete this form.

Fee appeal form

Additional Forms

file-outline Additional Income - additional-income-form.pdf (100.59 KB)

Completed by student and parent/supporter to provide income information that was not reported on the FAFSA or CSS Profile.

file-outline Authorization to use Title IV (4) Funds - title-iv-form.pdf (118.75 KB)

Completed by the student to indicate their preferred allocation of credit balances created by federal funding.

file-outline Outside Resources Form - outside-resource-form.pdf (116.99 KB)

Used to report resources (scholarships, grants, etc.) that have been granted to the student by organizations or individuals outside of Ithaca College.

Need a form for 2020-2021?

Please contact our office if you are in need of one the listed forms for the current 2020-2021 academic year by sending an email with your request to sfs@ithaca.edu