Student Meal Plan Options

Visit the Ithaca Dining Services website for information on campus dining hall meal plans.

Health Insurance

Contact the Health Center for more information, phone 607-274-3319. Additional information and enrollment forms are also available online.

Students are automatically enrolled in the student health insurance plan. If you do not desire coverage you must submit a waiver in order to have the charge removed from your account. You may submit the waiver through University Health Plans. When submitting a waiver you will be required to enter information regarding your current insurance.

Public Health Fee

A mandatory public health fee of $75 per semester will be assessed for the fall 2021 and spring 2022 semesters. No fee will be assessed for winter and summer semesters. The public health fee will cover additional cleaning and health safety precautions taking place across the main campus and all IC locations as a result of ongoing COVID-19 precautions. 

Public Health Fee FAQ 

Q1. How much is the public health fee? 

  • $75 per semester, for the fall and spring semesters. No fee is assessed for winter or summer sessions.  

Q2. Who is assessed the public health fee? 

  • Any student enrolled for the semester.  

Q3. What does the public health fee cover? 

  • The Public Health Fee is to cover additional cleaning and health safety precautions taking place across the main campus and all IC locations.  

Q4. Are there any changes to the fee for students based on housing status (on campus/off campus,) enrollment status (part-time/full-time,) or level (undergraduate/graduate?) 

  • No, any student enrolled for the semester will have the $75 public health fee. 

Q5. Can I request to have the public health fee waived? 

  • The public health fee is mandatory and cannot be waived.  

Malpractice Insurance Fee for Speech-Language Pathology

Students going on a clinical placement will be responsible for a malpractice insurance fee. The fee will be charged once per academic year.

New York State Certification Fees for Education

Initial certification as a teacher in the state of New York requires passing scores on four certification exams. Fees for these exams total approximately $700; specific information about exam costs is available on the state's teacher certification exam site. The application for certification in New York costs $40.