Other Graduate Program Fees

Student Meal Plan Options

Student meal plans are available at an additional cost. Visit the Ithaca Dining Services website for information on campus dining hall meal plans.

Health Insurance

Ithaca College requires that all matriculated graduate students have ACA-compliant health insurance. More information regarding health insurance requirements is available here.

Students are automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan. If you do not desire coverage you must submit a waiver in order to have the charge removed from your account. You may submit the waiver through University Health Plans. When submitting a waiver you will be required to enter information regarding your current insurance. Please call University Health Plans at 1-833-250-8996 for questions regarding the student health insurance plan.

Public Health Fee

A mandatory public health fee of $75 per semester is assessed on any student enrolled in coursework during the fall or spring semester, regardless of whether you are a residential, off-campus, or commuter student. No fee is assessed for winter or summer semesters. The public health fee covers additional cleaning and health safety precautions taking place across the main campus and all IC locations as a result of ongoing COVID-19 precautions. The public health fee is mandatory and cannot be waived.