Undergraduate Tuition and Fees 2022-2023

Academic year tuition & fees (fall/spring)

Tuition (full time 12-18 credits) $48,126
Tuition rate per credit (part-time and over 18 credits) $1,605
Room/Board $15,934
Books $850
Personal expenses $1,175

Other fees

Public Health Fee (see below) $150/year
Health Insurance (see Health Center ) $2,713/year

Winter and Summer 2023 Tuition & Fees (elective courses only; does not include programs with summer course requirements or graduate courses)

Cost per credit hour                                                                         


Occupational and Physical Therapy - Summer 2022

Occupational Therapy (6 credits) - summer between Junior and Senior years $6,738
Physical Therapy (7 credits) - summer between Junior and Senior years $7,861

Off-campus study per semester

London Program

Tuition                                                                                                       $24,063

Room (https://www.ithaca.edu/academics/london-center/living-london/housing)

cost varies
Meals cost varies

LA Program

Fall or Spring Semester
Tuition                                                                                                                                                              $24,063
Room cost varies
Meals cost varies
Summer Term - not available summer 2021
Tuition (per credit hour) n/a
Room n/a
Meals cost varies

Public Health Fee FAQ 

Q1. What does the public health fee cover? 

  • The Public Health Fee is to cover additional cleaning and health safety precautions taking place across the main campus and all IC locations.  

Q2. How much is the public health fee? 

  • $75 per semester, for fall and spring semesters. No fee is assessed for winter or summer sessions.  

Q3. Who is assessed the public health fee? 

  • Any student enrolled for the semester. The fee will not be assessed for Winter and Summer semesters. 

Q4. Are there any changes to the fee for students based on housing status (on campus/off campus,) enrollment status (part-time/full-time,) or level (undergraduate/graduate?) 

  • No, any student enrolled for the semester will have the $75 public health fee. 

Q5. Can I request to have the public health fee waived? 

  • The public health fee is mandatory and cannot be waived.