A diversity of courses for both majors and non-majors

Majors Core Courses

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Majors core courses are offered on a regular basis.

  • BIOL 121 Principles of Biology: Cellular and Molecular (every Fall)/ BIOL 122 Principles of Biology: Ecology and Evolution (every Spring)
  • BIOL 206 Human Anatomy (every Fall)
  • BIOL 207 Communication Biology (every term)
  • BIOL 227 Genetics (every term)
  • BIOL 411/412 Biology Seminar (every term)
  • BIOL 414 Biology Capstone (every Fall)

Majors Elective Courses (BIEL Attribute)

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Fall 2020

  • BIOL 214 Animal Physiology (Andy Smith) (every Fall)
  • BIOL 225 The Power of Plants: Plants in Medicine and Agriculture (Susan Witherup)
  • BIOL 271 General Ecology (Brooks Miner) Eco/Evo (every Fall)
  • BIOL 284 Field Ornithology (Nanda Cortes)
  • BIOL 330 Genomics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology (Ian Woods)
  • BIOL 354 Cell Biology (Ed Cluett) Cell/Mol (every Fall)
  • BIOC 353 Biochemistry: Protein Structure and Function


  • BIOL 228 Evolution of Adaptations (Andy Smith)
  •  BIOL 271 General Ecology (Brooks Miner) (every Spring)
  • BIOL 308 Animal Behaviour (Leann Kanda) (typically every-other Spring)
  • BIOL 315 Neurobiology (Jean Hardwick) Cell/Mol  (every Spring)
  • BIOL 37901 Freshwater Ecology (Brooks Miner)
  • BIOL 404 Special Topics: Immunology (David Gondek)
  • BIOC 333 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • BIOC 354 Biochemistry: Molecular Biology of the Gene (Maki Inada) (every Spring)
  • BIOC 481 Current Topics in Biochemistry (Maki Inada/Jamie Ellis) (every Spring)

ICC and other offerings

FALL 2020

  • BIOL 10100 Plagues and People (ICC NS; TIDE/TPJ)
  • BIOL 10210 Biology of Sex (ICC NS; TIII/TIDE)
  • BIOL 10700  Human Genetics (ICC NS; TIDE/TIII)
  • BIOL 11300 Insects and People (ICC NS; TIII/TQSF)
  • BIOL 11400 Exploring the World Through Evolutionary Biology (ICC NS; TIII)
  • BIOL 11900 Fundamentals of Biology I: Cell and Molecular (every term)

Spring 2021

  • BIOL 10100 Plagues and People)
  • BIOL 10600 Plants, People, Food Production
  • BIOL 10800  Human Organism
  • BIOL 11800 Island Biology
  • BIOL 11900 Fundamentals of Biology I: Cell and Molecular (every term)
  • BIOL 12000 Fundamentals of Biology II 
  • BIOL 19702 Biology of Cancer
  • BIOL 20500 Biology of Aging
  • BIOL 25600 Good Vibrations: The Biology of Music 

Winter 2020-21 Classes: all on-line, January 4 - 15, 2021

BIOL-10700 Human Genetics  

BIOL-10900 Life in the Ocean

BIOL-11400 Exploring the World through Evolution

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Biology Minor Course Requirements