What makes majoring in biology & biochemistry at Ithaca College special?

We offer four majors that tailor to your career goals: Biology (BA), Biology (BS), Biochemistry, and Biology Teaching Option (BA)

A student in a dark room sits lit from below by the white spot on their microscope.  The room is bathed in deep purple light.

Our biology department fosters a strong sense of community: all our majors work side by side and build personal relationships with their professors.  After the introductory classes, biology classes tend to be small, with many enrolling no more than sixteen students.  All laboratory sections are limited to twenty students per section and are taught by biology faculty rather than by teaching assistants.

Hands-on research experience mentored in a faculty members' lab is a key component of the Ithaca College Biology experience.  Each of our majors has a required research course, and many of our students opt to do additional elective and summer research. 

The Biochemistry major is jointly administered with the Chemistry Department. For more details on this major, see the Biochemistry Program

Teacher Education

A student-teacher shows high school students a dissection

Our Biology Teacher Education major is jointly administered with the Department of Education to prepare you for initial New York State certification as a middle or high school biology teacher.  An emphasis on research and effective teaching methods prepares our majors to successfully run active learning environments.