Answered by Current Students

  1. What are your favorite parts of IC Biology?
    • Some of our favorite parts of IC Biology include the close-knit atmosphere of the biology department, opportunities to pursue individual research projects within faculty labs, small class sizes, variety of courses offered, and our wonderful faculty.
  2. Are there different majors within the biology department, such as microbiology or marine biology?
    • No, but one of the advantages our biology department offers is its small size, allowing for meaningful relationships to be built between faculty and students throughout.
    • There is also a wide range of electives in many different areas of biology such as Island Biology, Animal Physiology, Microbiology. This allows students to have a variety of courses to select from.
    • There is also a requirement to fulfill something called the CLA. This can be done by taking up a second major, adding a minor or even designing your own CLA by selecting courses of interest. The minors are a really great way to take courses in another area of interest whether it be Chemistry, Psychology, Neuroscience, Environmental Science etc. The minor could also be in other areas that aren’t related to the sciences like Spanish, Sociology, Mathematics etc.
  3. Has the biology department been impacted by the recent 5-year plan IC has put out?
    • The biology department did not lose any full-time positions with the new plan.  Although we did lose of part-time faculty, it has not changed any of our course offerings or research opportunities.
  4. What are some classes that First-Year Biology majors take? 
    • First year students will typically take Principles of Biology I & II and Principles of Chemistry. These courses are not limited to biology majors, so we often have exploratory students in these courses as well. 
  5. What is the community atmosphere within the biology department like?
    • The biology department is a close knit community and the faculty are always willing to help out whenever needed, fostering a great balance between professional and personal relationships. 
  6. What are the average class sizes? 
    • ~30-60 students in intro courses
    • ~12-36 students in upper level courses
    • Labs courses are typically 20 students or less
    • Research labs are typically ~3-10 students
  7. Is it possible to study abroad with a biology major?
    • Yes! We strongly encourage our biology students to study abroad if possible. Depending on which abroad program you pursue, there are a plethora of opportunities to take both electives or classes required for the biology major abroad. 
  8. What do most people do once graduating from IC Biology?
    • Our alumni have demonstrated great success and have pursued a wide variety of professions, including but not limited to: attending graduate programs such as (MD, DVM, PA, NP, Dentistry, etc), participating in PhD programs, working within biotechnology companies or government agencies, as well as working within academic research labs. 
  9. How many Biology Majors are there per graduating class?
    • There are approximately 30-40 Biology majors per graduating class, however it may fluctuate on a year to year basis.
  10. What is the difference between a B.A. and a B.S. in Biology?